Blast Hornet
Blast Hornet
Blast Hornet is a loyal and sadistic follower of Dr. Doppler.




Hornet-based Reploid

Love Interests

Commander Yammark


Killing, being a Maverick, Yammark, torturing others, following Doppler, etc.


Traitors, playing fair, boredom, going easy on victims, inferior beings, etc.

Blast Hornet is a loyal, sadistic, and powerful Maverick, created by Dr. Doppler using some of Vile's specs. The most loyal of all of Doppler's Reploids, he could also be classified as also his most dangerous. With a deadly mean streak a mile wide, he is perhaps one of the more dangerous Mavericks in the Maverick Army, which he serves in as a member of the Urban Warfare Unit.


Early Life

After the reported failure of Vile and his control, Dr. Doppler learned from his mistake and perfected his designs, which he implemented on seven of his latest Reploids, one of whom was Blast Hornet. Hornet quickly became his most trusted and loyal follower, doing all he was told without hesitation or sense of guilt. He quickly became a wanted Maverick criminal, but was always able to give the Hunters the slip whenever they were close to defeating or capturing him. 

Around this time, he met a beautiful Reploid named Commander Yammark and instantly began hitting on her every chance he could. While she was flattered, Hornet began unknowingly falling in love with her, though he did quite well in hiding his emotions from his creator. When he heard that Yammark had accidentally set a forest fire, Hornet's infatuation finally its peak and noticing she was down, Hornet took sole responsibility for the accident.

Maverick and Sigma Wars

Blast Hornet and the remainder of Doppler's creations still loyal to him joined up with Sigma's Maverick Army when Doppler struck a deal with Sigma as help. Blast Hornet's mean struck was now able to be shown in full force. During the Raid on the Arctic Outpost, Hornet showed up to use Pallette as a damsel-in-distress against Vile, though calls from Yammark and an attack from X stopped him.


Blast Hornet is an uncaring and sadistic follower that will do anything he is told, not feeling any remourse for his actions. Perhaps Dr. Doppler's best follower, he is also known for being deceptive even to his master, as he is able to easily hide his crush on Yammark with no one even noticing his affections. Hornet also finds disgust in being a hero, finding it very cliche and repulsive, as well as not as fun as being a Maverick.

Abilities & Powers

Blast Hornet's main weapon is the Parasitic Bomb. In addition to being used as a normal projectile attack, the bombs are capable of clinging to their targets and then exploding, taking out most of those within its radius. Hornet can also use his stinger to attack and shoot needles. Another signature attack is the Bomb Bee. He summons bee mechaniloids to defend himself, as well as to attack enemies, mostly to home in and kamikaze. Hornet is quite weak to space and cutter or energy based attacks.




Original Counterpart

Main Article: Blast Hornet

Blast Hornet first appeared in Mega Man X3, as one of the eight Maverick bosses working for Dr. Doppler. He was once a Maverick Hunter that acted as Zero's second-in-command in the Special 0 Unit. When Zero was given an invitation to Dopple Town, he was unable to make it, so Hornet went in his place, and was infected by the Maverick Virus as a result.

Blast Hornet's stage is an armory that consists of a secret area, where one can obtain the Chimera Ride Armor, which is the only way players can use the Ride Armor platforms. There is also a cargo mini-boss that will only appear if the stage is played before completing Gravity Beetle's stage.

Blast Hornet also appears in Mega Man Xtreme 2, as a boss for Zero. He also makes a cameo in Mega Man X6 as a reanimated boss attack by Metal Shark Player.


  • Blast Hornet's relationship with Yammark was originally not supposed to happen. It was supposed to be Wood Man that Yammark would have her eyes on, but this was changed much later on.

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