Blackarachnia the Widow
Blackarachnia the Widow
Blackarachnia is a treacherous Maverick made by Tarantulas, with a secret good will stored within her.




Black Widow Maverick


Arrow-head projectile gun, acrobatics and incredible fighting prowess, cyber-venom, spider-leg machineguns, and temporary weapons system.

Love Interests

Silverbolt the Fuzor


Hot boys (somewhat), playing mind games, snarky remarks, killing, etc.


Being a slave, heroic gush, meddling idiots, extreme authority, etc.

Voice Actress

Venus Terzo

Blackarachnia the Widow is a treacherous and distrustful Maverick made by Tarantulas. She serves in the Maverick Army's Predacon Attack Unit, but one day seeks to betray her creator as well as Sigma Prime. Despite her tricky and deceptive nature, she also has a hidden good side in her that Tarantulas makes sure neevr comes out, but it has allowed her to grow a bit of a crush on the Aerialbot, Silverbolt.


During the late stages of the Maverick Wars, Tarantulas believed to create a new female Predacon warrior to help raise the stakes, and thus Blackarachnia was created as a deceptive warrior to turn the tide in Sigma's favor. Like Tarantulas, however, Blackarachnia grew a treacherous side, and began plotting to free herself of them and take over as head honcho. After a few short months, she met the Aerialbots' leader, Silverbolt, and was attracted to him for his appearance and chivalrous nature, though mostly kept her emotions to herself.


Blackarachnia is an extremely deceitful and sometimes seductive individual that is content with stepping outside the line to do or get what she wants. She also has a wraunchy and dark sense of humor and takes pleasure in treachery and pain. However, deep inside, she actually has a good side, but only Silverbolt has been able to see through it, while all others have simply brushed it off as fantasy and nonsense.



Original Counterpart

Main Article: Blackarachnia (BW)

Blackarachnia is the name of several characters in the Transformers universe. This particular version of Blackarachnia from Beast Wars is the basis of the character seen in Maverick Hunter X. She was once a Maximal protoform before being stolen and reprogrammed by the Predacons, with a special shell program implanted in her by Tarantulas. For a while, she was a valued asset to the Predacons for her genius and skills in battle, especially in close combat, but she had a treacherous side and plans to overthrow Megatron as Predacon leader. 

In late season 2 and throughout season 3, Blackarachnia grew a great love for the Maximal white knight Silverbolt. During this time, she discovered the access codes to the Autobot Ark and attempt to seize it for herself and change the course of time, but after Megatron attempted to change history and destroy the Autobots while they remain asleep, Blackarachnia defected to the Maximals, but still had her own Predacon programming within her. She would restore her former programming while also become a Transmetal in the process.

After the Beast Wars, Blackarachnia would return to Cybertron and be reformatted by the Oracle, while trying to help regain her lost love, Silverbolt, who had lost his own senses after being reformatted into Jetstorm. Despite this, she never gave up on him and continued this until his former personality returned after Optimus Primal's ultimate sacrifice.


  • Though many of her weapons and appearance is based off Blackarachnia's Beast Wars counterpart, the ability to temporarily use other powers is straight from her Animated counterpart.

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