Austin Colteo
Austin Colteo
Austin Colteo is a Maverick based off Keldeo.





Love Interests



Hot chicks, getting laid, showing off, proving himself, great battles, etc.


Losing, sore losers, cheap luck, nothing to do, feeling too cocky, etc.

Cquote1 I'll show you what a kid like me can do! Cquote2
Austin Colteo

Austin Colteo is one of the many Mavericks created through Project Predacon, based on the mystical Pocket Monster (Pokemon) creatures. In Colteo's case, he is based on and cloned from the legendary Keldeo. While cocky and a ladies' man, Colteo is quite green and inexperienced, though he's still very good in battle and is very well versed in all Chaosblade arts, with his Sacred Sword Chaosblade.


Austin Colteo was cloned from a strand of a Keldeo's DNA. During the hunt for Pocket Monster specimens, Twilight Buttercup and a group of Mavericks discovered the four Swords of Justice and were able to capture three of them, minus Keldeo. Twilight chased it mercilessly, and in the battle with it and several Maverick Hunters, part of it's horn was torn off. Grabbing it and bringing it to her "father" Shockwave's lab, Twilight and Shockwave were able to clone the Keldeo's DNA into a Maverick Predacon warrior. After the Predacons were deployed,. Austin Colteo stood out as a young rookie with much potential and power, even able to destroy several GUN Aquatic outposts and battleships.


Austin Colteo is quite ambitious and quite cocky, but even he knows his limits. Despite all this, he loves to test himself in battle and in the field of love. He is shown to be quite good with the girls, to the point it makes Oshen Scalchop very jealous. He still wishes for a real girl, though, but he is totally focused on his task at wiping out his opponents and constantly improves over time, to the point that his own skill can go to his head.

Abilities & Powers


Keldeo, the basis behind Austin Colteo

Being based off Keldeo, Austin Colteo is able to have incredible elemental powers of Water and Fighting, as well as great form of Chaosblade combat. While he uses many different forms, he is still a learner in them all, despite being powerful in all forms. Some of his most notable abilities include: Water Pulse, Aqua Jet, Swords Dance, Focus Blast, Double Team, Work Up, Hydro Pump, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Scald, Rock Smash, and Stone Edge. Colteo is very resistant to the Water, Ice, Fire, Rock, Bug, Steel, and Dark types of battle, but is very weak to attacks and weapons relating to the Grass, Psychic, Electric, Flying, and Fairy types.




  • Austin Colteo is Gurahk's favorite Pokemon Maverick and the one he most prominently uses.
  • Austin Colteo is mostly modelled after Keldeo's Resolute Form, as shown by the blue horn on his forehead.

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