[True] Neutral

Astraia Winters is a silver-blue wolf with gravity manipulation abilities. She is often called 'Astri' and 'Blueberry girl'. She is the fursona of HauntedPhantom .
Theme 11


Standing at 2'7", Astri appears as a young silver-blue wolf with a white muzzle. The ends of her fur are dyed a darker blue (specifically her ears, hair, and tail), and she has grey/silver eyes. Sometimes she is seen without the dye in her fur, but this doesn't seem to be common. She is frequently seen wearing her fur tied back by a dark grey hair tie.

Her usual attire consists of her wearing a short-sleeved dark grey hoodie and a grey top normally covered by said hoodie. Following afterwards are jean shorts that go down to her knees before being rolled up slightly. Along with that. Astri wears a pair of boots that look relatively similar to converses with a zipper instead of shoelaces. 


For the majority of the time, Astri's personality reflects the person she's with, or talking to, specifically a rival or a close friend. Otherwise, she can be outgoing or shy, depending on the situation. While she may say that she prefers to be alone, she actually enjoys her time with her friends. Astri can be really sweet or really rude, again depending on the other's attitude. Another noticable trait would be her lack of motivation for anything that requires effort.


She has the ability to manipulate gravity. When in combat, gyrokinesis and telekinesis are relatively similar, but their properties and how they're controlled are different. Telekinesis would include manipulating and moving an object to one's will and mind. Gyrokinesis is harder to use, as for one to move an object like a telekinetic, they must manipulate the gravity of the object.

As Astri doesn't fight or battle, she normally takes advantage of this power at home because of her laziness.

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