Episode 3 of Associated Super Scrubs. Yeah. This was stupid.


Le Joke Off

Mr.Gus: I wonder what Jay-Z is up to.

Deadpool: Probably pretending to be great when he's actually a huge poser with a fake-ass album.

Mr.Gus:...what did you just say about Shawn Carter you non-believer?!

Deadpool: don't even start to disagree man i'll tear you a new one with a blunt pole

Mr.Gus:I'm a dinosaur; you think you can beat me?!

Deadpool: Dinosaur? Who gives one? At least I walk the walk. Your character bio is a load of B.S.

Mr.Gus:THAT'S IT. I'm gonna kick your ass.

Apallo: -is walking back with the beef and other things from the Mart until he notices themj- Is that that Mr. Gus guy from that horrible show?

Isaiah:Yeah...he's been here for a while.

Shabba Clay: My bets are on Deadpool.

Apallo: Deadpool. I just want to see that show and its character's die.

Shabba Clay: Pizza Steve will probably get eaten at one point.

Isaiah:WELL, Deadpool does have his healing factor and considering Mr.Gus is a dinosaur living NOW... screw it. Deadpool's got this one.

Mr.Gus:Whatever! Meet me at 3 PM, ASS HQ. Punk

Deadpool: Whatevs ghetto Barney. Just be ready to find out how wide your ass can expand. I'm sure when I'm done the view will be magnificent.


Ghetto Barney:Did someone say GHETTO BARNEY? A'HOIKK!

Yuna: BARNEY! -runs in from the Mart-

Shabba Clay: He's a baaaaad mothaf-SHUT YO MOUTH

Ghetto Barney:Back the fuck away from me li'l gurrrll!!!'

Yuna: (lets go and looks at him with a mad stare and proceeds to raise her rod and launch him into a wall)

Apallo: Lets just see the last of the UG Squad die so we can take the RV

Isaiah:Sounds like a plane apallo.


Isaiah:HUMAN SHIELD! *puts up mauii*

Ghetto Barney:*shoots mauii up*

Shabba Clay: I remember her getting shot *reference because why not*

Apallo: ....just wtf....... Imma go look for the RV

Isaiah:I'll come with you

Journey to the RV

Apallo: -going to the underground parking lot- Damn man this RV must be tricked out

Isaiah:Apparently so. Also, Uncle G was killed off by belly bag so

Shabba Clay: Never trust the belly bag.

Apallo: And the tiger was shot and killed. Poor Girl...

Pizza Steve:*half eaten, in the back*Oh.... ugh... who are YOU guys?

Isaiah:*uncle grandpa impression* I'm Uncle Grandpa!

Pizza Steve: Oh...  *falls asleep*

Isaiah:*gets pizza steve and eats him* QUICK APALLO GET THE WHEEL!

Apallo: -Punches It and the RV Bursts out of the doors running over UG and speeding off back to the Apartment-

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