Asphodel Guillroy
Vital statistics
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Age 23
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Fur/Feathers/scales Furry
Attire Belts (Psetania); TBA (Chillverse)
Romantic Interests {{{romantic interests}}}
Hobbies Hacking, tinkering with machinery, word puzzles
Favorite Color Yellow
Favorite Food Ham
Favorite Drink Bubble tea
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Asphodel was raised among a very tech-savvy family, and learned how to work complex machinery at a very young age. His father, who he looked up to heavily, was the chief technician of a multi-billion dollar company in a universe known as Psetania. Although being the chief technician's son, he was often looked down upon for his work despite being considered a prodigy. Hearing of the company's newest project - a dimension hopping device to emulate the natural abilities of some Psetanian species - Asphodel decided to try and emulate the device himself to get accepted by his peers. Extorting money and supplies from the company, he worked undercover with his lifelong friend Tivon to build the teleporter.

Surprisingly enough, the two were able to do it and get it working without the company noticing - but only because the device malfunctioned in its test run. Upon landing in the Chillverse, the teleporter broke and left Tivon and Asphodel stranded in a world they had very little bearings on. The two of them now have to use what is considered "primitive" technology to try and rebuild the teleporter and get back home.


Despite being considered 'in the shadow of his father', Asphodel is surprisingly egotistical and proud of his work. To add onto that, he's selfish and willing to twist a few arms to get where he wants - but he's relatively honest about his intentions, and is pretty much an open book. Any compliment he receives he takes, using it to build his already huge self-confidence, even if it's sarcastic - luckily, he's not one to see sarcasm. In social situations, he can either be the life of the party or he can ruin everything with very little in between. Around others he trusts, he's noisy, fun-loving and surprisingly foul-mouthed; but with strangers he's quiet and strict. It is relatively easy to get on his good side, since he's certainly one for company.

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