Armored Armadillo
Armored Armardillo
Armored Armadillo is a tough and loyal Maverick Hunter





Love Interests



Resiliency, loyalty, serving his cause, obediance, great help, company of friends, etc.


Defeat, failure, poor support, dishonor, intimate relations, etc.

Voice Actor

Noah Umholtz

Armored Armadillo is a rough & tough, as well as dutiful Maverick Hunter that serves in the Redemption Squad. He worked under another squad before joining the Maverick Army as one of Sigma's first 8 commanders. Armadillo has since returned to being a Maverick Hunter, mostly as a bodyguard.


Armored Armadillo was drafted into the Maverick Hunters during the Maverick Wars, and proved to be a formidable and honorable soldier. He was one of Sigma's fiercest warriors and his most loyal one as well. When Sigma turned Maverick and chose to oppose the organics in order to help evolve their race, Armadillo followed him simply to be loyal. He became one of the eight original Maverick commanders, and gained the upmost respect from Maverick Ninja, Sixshot.

Armadillo was also in charge of the Armored Division of the army, and commanded to do most mining and attacks on several Mobian and Reploid civilizations, such as the colony Omicron and city of Westopolis. When X encountered him, Armadillo questioned his resistance and hesitation in fighting him and the other commanders. X had revealed that Nana did not wish him to be harmed and that Sigma had to be stopped at all costs. Shocked by this, Armadillo had willingly allowed to be defeated and faked his own death for X.

Later, Armadillo appeared alive and well, alongside Storm Eagle to briefly assist X in taking down Vile, who had also joined with Sigma. Following these events, Armadillo was redeemed and returned to being a Maverick Hunter, and placed in the Redemption Squad of the group.

During the Copy-X Incident, Armadillo and his squad were called to defend a now gravely-wounded X from any and all of Gate's forces. He was briefly accompanied by Nana until Dynamo appeared and greatly took him out. Armadillo was knocked unconscious, but had somehow survived. Later still, he and his squad were given a great beating by Vile, who was rebuilt by Gate to take down the Maverick Hunters. Though heavily damaged and never seen again after this, it is assumed that Armadillo was repaired by Cinnamon and made it alive.


Armadillo is extremely dutiful and loyal to his forces, and also has a sense of honor. He is mostly liked by most of his peers, particuarly Nana and Sixshot. His loyalty can often cause problems for him, as it lead to his near-death at the hands of both X and Vile more than once.


Armored Armadillo's signature weapon is the Rolling Shield. He uses them to throw like a frisbee por like a rolling weapon. In both said cases, it can bounces off walls and can go onto any sort of terrain. He is also able to spindash along any terrain and can sometimes bounce off of walls, much like his barrier shields.

Armored Armadillo is exceptionally weak against electric-type weapons and attacks, as they can remove most of his armor and shields.




  • Armored Armadillo is based and named after the Maverick boss from the first Mega Man X.
  • Despite most of this backstory being done by Gurahk, Armadillo is mostly owned and controlled by XxZekeKnightxX.
  • Nana has an insane crush on Armadillo, but he has absolutely no interest in her, romantically speaking.
  • Armored Armadillo is also known by his teammates as Double-A.

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