Ares the Bobcat
Ares the Bobcat
Ares is a young Chimera Warrior, and Gregor's protege






Great speed and agility, good marksmanship in using a variety of weapons

Love Interests

Samantha the Wolf


Pizza, being a hero, training hard, anime, thrill of battle, etc.


Yiao Tribe, being weak, murder, seafood, letting up, etc.

Voice Actor

Josh Keaton

Ares the Bobcat is a young warrior from the Chimera Tribe, a rival clan to the evil Yiao Tribe. As such, he opposes the Yiao Tribe and their methods, and often fights for goodness and peace. He left his home village to seek out the guidance of Gregor the Wolf, a well-known hero and warrior, and eventually found him in Station Square. Ares is currently his personal student, as well as Joseph the Wolf's training partner.


Ares is a rather hotblooded and headstrong type of person. He tends to rush into several situations without thinking straight, relying mostly on his gut instincts than his thinking power. This causes him to make several different mistakes and get chewed out by Joseph and Gregor. However, Ares is willing to listen to advice in order to be a better warrior. He can be rather shy as well, when around someone who has caught his attention or the like.


Ares grew up in a small village, as the oldest of five children. Here, he learned how to fight so he may one day be able to conquer the evil Yiao Tribe that his own kin were at constant war with. At the age of 15, Ares began eharing stories of Gregor, a man who was hailed as a hero for his confrontations with the tribe. As such, he left his village and family behind to seek Gregor out, in an attempt to be his pupil. He eventually found him at Station Square, where he was accepted as a student of Gregor's. He also met a Yiao Tribe dexscendant, Joseph, who Ares did not like at first, but eventually warmed up to as his training partner.


  • Unnamed parents
  • Four younger siblings




  • Ares is named after the Greek god of war. This is part in reference to his hotblooded personality.

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