Arclight Warriors is a series created by Apallo the Hedgehog. Based around the MegaMan ZX Duology. This story follows the many adventures of Ray Trinity as he fights to protect his planet and find out the secrets of the Arclight Stones.

Arclight Warriors

Series Summary

It is the year 3015, technology has been advanced beyond your wildest dreams. People of this time are now researching technology of the past to try and learn from the past. One group found some mysterious ruins near the large metropolis city, Solar City. When looking through the ruins they find 5 Capsules, 3 of them were broken, and only 2 were left alone. Inside of them were a White and Gold looking star, and in the other capsule was a small key like gem. The two objects were under heavy security even though the ruins were showing no signs of functions. The area was sealed off and was told out to be a cursed place and was left alone. HOWEVER, as fate would have it, someone would find the ruins and uncover it's secrets.

Meet 10th grader Ray Trinity. He's just your adverage High School dweeb that is often the subject of being pranked and bullied to even having been framed for wrongdoings in his school. One day he was walking home from school with his friends Cindel and Koby, it would have been just like any other day, but  Ray's enemies (his bullies) decided to toss water bottles at them, running them outside of the city, Ray, so afraid of getting hit, decided to take refuge in some old Labratory Ruins, the same ruins that were sealed off to the public. When Ray entered, something in the ruins happened to activate; locking him inside. Finding his way through the ruins he comes across a White looking Device and a key. Rey was attracted to it, when suddenly he tripped an alarm which awoke some of the security robots that were thought to be deacivated. They backed him up into a corner, with no way to run when all of a sudden a voice could be heard inside of him. "Do you want to live?" it asked. Ray looking around him he saw the device lighting up. "I can help you escape" it said opening it's two capsules. "If you want my help take the Arc Key and insert it in me while calling out, 'Arclight Activate!!!'" With no other options he did was he was told, and was transformed into a white armored warrior. And thus the story begins. 

Arclight Warriors METAL

Arclight Warriors FUTURE

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