The ArcadiaHeavens Park is a world-famous theme park full of groundbreaking rides, attractions, stores, and gift shops. The attendee capacity of the park is 850,000 people. Due to the theme park's immense size, it is situated on its own island.


The Park At Night


Rapid Canyon

A very fast roller coaster that is build in its own Desert-Canyon, It goes across a large railroad and focuses on very fast turns and high speeds, Because of this, the ride's time duration doesn't last very long.

Techno Highway

Techno Highway is one of the largest roller coasters in the park. In it, participents can experience a futureistic word filled with technology as far as the eye can see.


Splashdown is a water rollercoaster with a drop at the height of 24m, and a 14m backwards drop. It is a rather slow ride until it reaches the drops, and lasts around 9 minutes.

Seaside Hill

Seaside Hill is a water rollercoaster with a view of what Seaside Hill is like running through it with adventurous speed, and style, such as loops, and side loops.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Arcadia Knights

A Show that features the Park's Mascots, the Arcadia Knighs (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black). Each play/episode will feature the heroes fighting the antagonist mascot, Lord Dreadmire to save the love intrest of Knight Red: Lady Luna.


Club  Arcadia

A Nightime club based on the  "Downtown District" of the park and is avaible for Teens to Adults. Note, this place does not sell drinks that would normaly be in a club though as it is part of a Theme Park. The Club's theme is based on the night sky mixed in with some strobe and neon lights.

Thrift Castle

  • Based on a Mashup with Thrift Shop and Hang Castle* Thrift Castle is an attraction where visitors can go in for a scare or watch a live show where its preformers, preform concerts and plays on. The Most Popular song played here is it's theme which gave it it's name.


Palm Tree Delights

A Tropical-Themed Store that sells ice and slush drinks with tropical flavors. They also sell toys and  lazer items as well as Masks for the night shows.


Main Park Themes

Ape Escape - Music Specter Land ~ Monkey Madness04:00

Ape Escape - Music Specter Land ~ Monkey Madness

Official Park Theme

Attraction Themes

Thrift Castle - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz vs04:07

Thrift Castle - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz vs. Tomoya Ohtani

Theme of Thrift Castle

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