Background Story

Aqua the Dragon
Vital statistics
Title Atlantis' Angel
Age 17
Gender Female
Species Aquatic Dolphin-Winged Dragon
Fur/Feathers/scales Grey, Blue and Cyan Scales
Attire A Two piece dress made mostly out of silk and shells
Romantic Interests None as of Now.
Hobbies Swimming, Fishing, Magic Developing
Favorite Color
Favorite Food Pizza (with Lobster meat)
Favorite Drink Fizz (Usually Peach or Green Watermelon)
First Appearance Chillverse 2.0
Appearances Chillverse 2.0 and related media
American/English VA Danielle Judovits
Seiyū (Japanese VA)
Aqua is a orphan who was found as a baby in a nest of seaweed with nothing but a small necklace and a Tome. Growing up near the Emerald Coast, Aqua is a very special expert of the sea, oftnen going down and befrending various aquatic animals, while sometimes she hunts some of them. Though she feels guilty, she prays for the souls of her friends to find pease before she begins her hunt. Polite and generous she is very skilled with magic as she is with people. She can bend water and even hover over it.


  • Healing Wings - Aqua shines her wings down on a target to heal their wounds and almost all damage
  • Dolphin's Bubble - Aqua blows bubbles from her mouth, spitting out large sized bubbles at her opponents, filled with damaging Water Energy
  • Dolphin Blade - Aqua opens her wings and spins around sending out waves of Water Energy at her opponetns






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