Apallo's adventures started from the Stardust Region on Mobius. He, Bluray Junior and Diana decide to revisit the Region and check on the Zones there. But things are looking grim and dark for our Hero's old home. And its up to Apallo and his friends to save the Region once again. Enter RE:Birth!


Invited Users

Apallo The Hedgehog






Chapter 0

  • Apallo's Sky Castle
  • Emerald Beach

Chapter 1

  • Meteor City
  • Meteor City Outskirts

Chapter 2

  • Upbeat Path
  • Vibrant City

Chapter 3

  • Aero Tower

Chapter 0: Back to Origins

Diana: Ok Guys! We  are ready to go

Crymson: Where are.we going, Diana??

Diana: Fixing the Air Cruiser to go to our homeland

Crymson: (ears twitched up) Homeland!?

Diana: -puts in the Crystal Drive- Yup.

Crymson: Junior never mentioned anything about you 'homeland'.

Diana: Well he doesnt know about it either. Its where Apallo Lunas and I grew up until we moved away from it.

Crymson: Wow, so he will be able to see your.homeland?

Diana: -puts in the secutiry codes for the Ship- Yup. 

Crymson: So, am I coming too?

Diana: -slides her self up holding her Pregent belly- Oh you have to come. Junior would miss you too much

Crymson: (laughs a little) I would figire that. So, are we ready yet?

Diana: Wooo, Yes. We just need to get some supplies.  So your finally expecting too? Or is that gas? -giggles-

Crymson: (laughs also) Well.........(too embarressed to say)

Junior: -runs up the platform with the Food and His Weapons- Hey Honey! -smooches her-

Crymson: (kisses back) Hey, love. Ah, you here. (Ears went down, grabs a tomato and eats it)

Junior: Must be her cravings. -pets Charles and Stun-

Crymson: (finishes tomato and grabs a peach)

Junior: Well  you take it easy on the eating Honey. You dont want to over stuff yourself

Crymson: Hmm?? ( Junior.and laughs)

Junior: -gives her some water-

Crymson: (gets the water and takes a few.gulps) Ah, thanks, Junior.

Junior: No problem  love -smooches her lips and slides down the rail to go into the store room-

Crymson: (laughs a little and watches Junior leave) So, are we ready yet, Diana?

Diana: I thought we were but not quite yet.

Crymson: (starts to laugh)

Apallo: -walks on with his new clothes- Sup Peeps.

Crymson: (ears went down, confused)

Apallo: -sees Crym with her Baby Bump- Hey there Crymmy how are you?

Crymson: Hey, Mr. Apallo Sr. I'm doing.great!! (Eating an orange)

Apallo: -wispers to her Baby Bump- Hey there little ones I bet your going to make your mom and dad proud

Crymson: Dad!!! (Ears went down and face flushed red)

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