Anti (or to others as Dusk or Heartless) Apallo is a dark version of Apallo given birth from the EXE particicles and Apallo's Own Darkness. His first apperence was in the Begining of the EXE Virus Saga when he went to attack Boom and his friends after the death of Ecruos the night before.


Anti Apallo looks like ordinary Apallo but his color and body is different.. Yellow with no pupils. He at times talks with no mouth on his muzzle like Mephiles would. But it is seen from time to time that he has a mouth which he shows his constant giggling and grinning.

Although not appearing to wear gloves, Anti has spikes on his rists that looks like it could be a cuff from a glove.


Very dark and twisted. Anti Apallo talks about how the planet will fall to Darkness, and that one day the time will come to fight for the planet's light. Whenever he meets his counterpart, Apallo. Anti Apallo goes into a blind rage and tries to attack him relentlessly but while keeping his mind set on getting him into the same mental state to throw him off.

The EXE Virus & And Anti's Connection to EXE

Apon his defeat on the day of 12/12/12, EXE's corpse was about to become nothing but a black mark on the floor.  His body became purple dust and flew into the air. About 4 Months Later People who had powerful Fighting Abilities has fought aganst EXE, or was exposed to the strange colored Pollen during the spring time. (the Pollen is EXE's Dust) would go beserk with the same Eyes as EXE and with a destructive disposition. They would gain new abilities duining this state and also a Dark Energy version of his/her special move. It was until later during these series of events with the people who had theses effects on them the contition was dubbed  The EXE Virus

If a normal person defeats a carrier of the virus. The Part of the Virus in that area and in the defeated fighter is asorbed into the victor making him/her control the EXE Virus with more and more skill. 

Anti Apallo because of being a living form of the EXE Virus, knowing that if all of the virus bodies inside of the one with the most of the Virus in him/her then EXE would return  and come after Anti Apallo to regain his lost strength and become whole.

Known Victims


  • Anti Apallo is mostly based on Mephiles the Dark and Anti Sora from Kingdom Hearts
  • Anti Apallo was also created from all the hatered, and sadness that User:Apallo The Hedgehog has felt from hearing his Stepfather make hypricitial comments when he :"scolded" him in his childhood, when he scarred his neck during his time in Middle/Highschool and how stupidly he treats his younger brother. Clearly  Anti Apallo comes from the dark half of Apallo's Heart.

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