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Androhog Chi
Androhog Chi
Chi is the cocky leader of the androhog group
Vital statistics
Title ----
Age Physically 22
Gender Male
Species Androhog
Fur/Feathers/scales Red
Attire Blue shoes, brown shorts and belt, white gloves, green wristbands
Romantic Interests ----
Hobbies {{{hobbies}}}
Favorite Color {{{color}}}
Favorite Food {{{food}}}
Favorite Drink {{{drink}}}
First Appearance Unnamed TP
Appearances Talkplays
American/English VA Patrick Seitz(?)
Seiyū (Japanese VA) {{{seiyū}}}
Chi is a large, brash Androhog who is the leader of the Androhog Group, and also the strongest member of the group. He was created by Sonicstar3000.


Chi is oftem brash and cocky, as well as a little bit of an idiot,

he wants JT to join the Androhog Group but also has a strong hatred for him at the same time.


  • Androhog Chi's outfit is remotely similar to that of Flint the Weasel

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