America Eaglyde
America Eaglyde
America Eaglyde is a Reploid aerial commando and big fan of Storm Eagle.




American Eagle Maverick

Love Interests

Skyshadow the Raven


Her idol, Storm Eagle, proving herself, kicking butt, aerial battles, cute boys, following the wind, etc.


Discrimination, pervs, failing herself, her reputation being decimated, disappointment, being grounded, etc.

Voice Actress

Michelle Ruff

America Eaglyde is a young and aspiring Reploid that last served as the commander in the Maverick Army's Aerial Assault Unit and now serves in Repliforce's Air Force Unit. Despite her age and lack of experience, she is very accomplished and energetic, and has served her Warlord, Sigma Prime very well. Eaglyde is also a huge fan of Storm Eagle, inspiring to join the army after seeing him in action.


Early Life

When she was in Reploid High School, Eaglyde had the chance to see then-Maverick Hunter Storm Eagle in person defend the school against Maverick attacks. Seeing his incredible skills inspired her to fight alongside him one day and she got into aerial academy. She flew past and graduated with flying colors. Shortly after she graduated, Eaglyde enlisted in the Maverick Army after hearing news of her idol defecting to that side as well, unaware of his true intents.

Time as a Maverick

However, she was initially rejected and had to go into Maverick Boot Camp to prove herself. Eaglyde performed more excellent than any other trainee and was enlisted into the Aerial Assault Unit. To her disappointment, though, Storm Eagle had already left the army and rejoined his hunters. But Eaglyde did not give up and began to slowly but surely rise up the ranks of her fellow Mavericks up to commando status. She would continue to prove naysayers wrong and lead several victories for her squadron, as well as grow a crush on Repliforce's Skyshadow.

Commander Eaglyde

When the Sigma Wars began, America Eaglyde and the Aerial Assault Unit were in charge of ambushing Repliforce's Air Force. Eaglyde did exceptionally well, destroying more than half of their ships and dealing considerable damage to the flagship. The ambush ended terribly, with thanks to Starscream and his incompetent arrogance, which caused more than one-fourth of their ships to be destroyed. Sigma Prime promptly replaced his position as air commander with Eaglyde. She and her unit assisted in delivering the specimens for Project Predacon to Shockwave.

During an attack on Repliforce, Eaglyde sensed something was up with Repliforce's air fleet. After ceasing for a minute and attacking again, they were ambushed from behind and Eaglyde was amde to look like a fool. Though her comrades assured her that the blunder wasn't her fault, her self-esteem started to lower until at the missile base, where she had the chance to at last fight her hero, Storm Eagle, who explained the truth behind his actions of joining and betraying the Army. Eaglyde, however, wanted to prove herself and battled him, but despite her skills, lost easily, but was rescued from falling by Eagle himself, fainting by the dreamy experience.

Eaglyde was taken in as prisoner for the Maverick Hunters and they tried gaining information from her, but refused at first until they threatened to reveal her crush on Skyshadow to the world, to which she obliged. She would later escape and download the entire Hunter database, sending it to her fellow Mavericks. She would only get so far before being captured again by Squid Adler and Armored Armadillo, however. Now her spirits were lower than ever, feeling ashamed to be called either a Maverick or a Reploid. Skyshadow walked in to raise them up and they annoucned their affections for each other. 

Sigma Wars

Believing that Sigma Prime had fired her for being captured twice, America Eaglyde joined the Repliforce's Air Force Unit, but quickly found an immense distrust from Arcee, who she often battled with as a Maverick.


America Eaglyde is a mostly typical fangirl that absolutely worships Storm Eagle and throws a fit when she hears someone speaking lowly of him, even if it's her superiors. She is still quite a cheery young girl for a Maverick and is quite dedicated in her work. When a chance arises to prove herself or kick butt, she goes right for it and doesn't think twice. Eaglyde is quite respected in the ranks of the Maverick Army despite her age and her quick-thinking and incredible skills have won her over, but she still wishes to meet and even fight her own hero, Storm Eagle.

Since becoming air commander and Repliforce Commando, Eaglyde has become far more responsible and loyal, showing great strategy and charismatic leadership skills. She still had her crush on Skyshadow whilst a member of the Army, but did not let it get in her way and often tried to get him to switch sides. After defecting to Repliforce, however, she wouldn't have to worry about that and enjoyed her time with him constantly, though still had some squabbles with Arcee.

Abilities & Powers

America Eaglyde's special weapon is the Liberty Twister. Using a specially modified Wind Buster, she can fire horrizontal and vertical twisters that are extremely powerful, almost as strong as her idol's Storm Tornado. She also fires small but concentrated mini-tornadoes as well and use several vertical tornadoes as shields. Eaglyde is also a hard-hitting combatant that, being part of the Aerial Assault Unit, has great experience and warewithall in the air. She also uses several rocket launchers, missiles, and machine guns as well, to help give her an extra edge. Eaglyde is weak to light-based attacks and weapons.




  • Like most female Mavericks, Eaglyde is actually an original character made by Gurahk exclusivly for the Maverick Hunter X series.
  • Eaglyde is Gurahk's second favorite original Maverick, behind Spur Ponica and above Petal Blossom.

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