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Alia the Hedgehog
Alia is a caring Helperoid that can function as both a Navigator and a Scientist






Maverick Hunters




Her friends, enjoying life


Death, evil, destruction

Alia the Hedgehog is one of the 25 Helperoids created by Amy Rose. She was made as a Reploid Scientist. She is currently with the Maverick Hunters as a Navigator to help guide them through the conflicts during the Maverick Wars.


Original Job

Alia was one of the 25 Helperoids that Amy Rose created to help Mobian kind in a non-combat compacity. Shortly after she was created, Alia was employed directly into being a Reploid Scientist by name, where she met Gate the Hedgehog. She and Gate got along enough to the point that they were close friends. She admired his drive and determination for the creations he made, and his great pride in said creations. However, despite all her admiration and respect for him, he quickly became too busy for her in his grand rise in social status. Alia, despite getting "promotions" of her own for almost equal determination, she was not seen to have the potential to go any further; therefore, upon learning this, Alia signed up with the Maverick Hunters as a Navigator in the hopes of getting more appreciation than what she was getting.

Life as a Navigator

With the Maverick Hunters, Alia met Hunters X the Hedgehog and Zero the Hedgehog as the main Hunters that she conversed with during missions, the former of which she had met previously during her first job. She grew to having a crush on X, because she saw that he was facing similar limitations and situations as she did, but never admitted it, because she realized that X dislikes war in general, which could mean the end for both of them. Alia made a close bond with Nana the Echidna through their Navigator positions. Unlike Nana, Alia did not hate Layer for her provokative lifestyle, she simply did not care for it enough to hate her. Nana also had a crush on X, but not to Alia's knowledge until years later.

After Sigma's betrayal of the Maverick Hunters, Alia began noticing a shift in X's personality, with an unwavering commitment to growing stronger to defeat the Mavericks. This motivated her to start creating armor parts for X to help grow stronger. Both she and Nana were totally smitten with the looks of the full armors. However, as time passed, X began nearly getting out of control with power, almost on the edge of being Maverick that it gave Alia worries. After Zero calmed him down, though, he regained control, but almost gave up on his mission. It was Zero and Alia's words of encouragement that motivated him to move forward and finish his mission.

During the conflict with Red Alert, Alia made a call to Squid Adler, who had been retired from action for a while at the time, in order to place extra protection for Axl, who was on the hunt from Red Alert. She would also help X navigate his way to Vanishing Gungaroo and intercept certain transmissions from their leader, Red.

X and Alia were one day having a park stroll, where she presented X with his X-Saber, a modified version of the Chaosblade that Layer gave to him. At that moment, however, they were attacked by a revived Vile, along with Gate. Though Alia was barely able to escape, X was beaten quite badly. Gate would procede to create a Copy-X, which resulted in most people--even Alia, initially--to believing that X had gone Maverick. The real X was eventually found following reluctant assistance from Spark Man and Magnet Man, who were helping him recover. Following Gate's defeat and change of heart, he and Alia remolded the remains of Copy-X into a new Maverick Hunter named I.

Alia, Nana, and Iris were sent by Signas to assist I and her crew in the conflict at Giga City. However, upon arrival, they were separated and captured. Alia was taken into Central Tower, under Rebellion Army control, where she was beaten bad before being rescued by I and Layer, who was assisting I in her mission. After the Resistance took back Central Tower, Alia spent time doing research on Giga City and the Rebellion Army, such as locating the Gimialla Mines where they discovered the fake research lab, analyzing the Supra-Force Metal fragment that I brought back, and uncovering the Rebellion's plans to launch a Supra-Force Metal-powered missile. After being betrayed by Redips, Alia, Nana, and Iris snuck into the Far East HQ to navigate for I's team, but were eventually caught and tortured in the worst ways by Depth Dragoon.

Shortly after the Giga City crisis, Alia detected an abandoned outpost that had rebooted its systems, and it was revealed to be done by Vile. X was about to engage the Maverick, but Pallette insisted on going instead, though Nana planted a tracker just to be safe. She and the other hunters were amazed of how understanding and gentle Pallette was to Vile, as well as the truth about Vile's past. Nana noted to Alia that at one point, X was staring at her, which made Alia blush and stutter. Nana would go on to ask why not confess her feelings to X, where she stated that not keeping her relationship with him professional would only spell danger for the both of them. Alia would later navigate X and Smokescreen to Dr. Doppler's lab in Dopple Town.

Sigma Wars

During the Jakob Project attack, Alia was well-used as a Navigator, though her pressense caused certain problems, as the Hunters made more snarky remarks at her lack of usefullness, which enraged X to the point where he was believed to be at the point of going Maverick, which all but worried Alia more. These outbursts, though, were thankfully brief but gave Alia the showing that X did indeed care for her more than she thought. When X annoucned he would retire after the war, Alia was relieved, as she saw it as an opportunity to confess her feelings for him. However, while X and Zero attacked Sigma's Lunar base, the Hunter HQ was overrun by the Maverick Army and it was destroyed by a few well-placed Supra-Force Metal bombs. Alia attempted to call X and Zero back, but the Army jammed her communication and when X finally got the transmission, it was far too late.

Though Alia was caught in the blast with the rest of the Hunters, she was among the few survivors. Knock Out attempted to finish her while weakened, but X was there to save her. After the surviviors recovered, they were given a new base of operations in the form of a battleship named the Olympus. Alia continued her duties as a Navigator in the Sigma Wars, but began conversing much closer with X.


Alia is rather mellow as a character, she is very dutiful, though will act if she feels convicted to do something (such as create armor parts for X). She does get bored easily with her work when it doesn't involve the main portion of the job. Alia tends to get shy when around X, or when discussing her crush on him, but always shows concern when she feels X is in extremely dangerous situations or missions.




Original Counterpart

Main Article: Alia

Alia debuted in Mega Man X5 as a navigator for the Maverick Hunters, though she caused more aggravation if anything for players rather than giving inciteful hints in the game. She is given a more friendly role, both in story and in-game in Mega Man X6. In it, it is revealed she was once a scientist that worked alongside Reploid scientist Gate before he went rogue with his theories. It is also implied that she has a crush on X, but this is never expanded upon in future installments. In Mega Man X8, Alia is an unlockable character, alongside fellow Navigators, Layer and Pallette. Her gameplay is similar to X's, but she is unable to receive armor upgrades.


  • Yet designed to be a scientist, she does well in something that she was not designed for, which is more of Nana's department
  • A running gag in Maverick Hunter X is Alia stating the overly obvious or being found annoying by the cast, and being called out on it. While this was a trait and insider joke from her original counterpart, Gurahk would not know the full extent of this until playing Mega Man X5.

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