Air Raid the Batfox
Air Raid the Batfox
Air Raid is a headstrong Aerialbot that serves in the Repliforce Air Squadron






Incredible flying skills, cloaking, great at melee combat and using some weapons like the Scatter Blaster and Neutron Assault Rifle

Love Interests



Wasting enemies, blasting Mavericks, flying high, teasing Silverbolt, action, kicking tail, etc.


Losing battles, getting out-classed, boredom, Silverbolt's guillable cheesiness, etc.

Voice Actor

Liam O'Brien

Air Raid the Batfox is one of the more headstrong soldiers of Repliforce, serving under The Skiver's command in teh Air Force Squadron, and as part of the Aerialbot sub-group. He has a most on and off relationship with his leader Silverbolt, and is one of the better members of his squadron. He forms the right arm of Superion.


Air Raid joined Repliforce after its reincarnation as part of the Air Force Squadron. He and four others--Silverbolt, Wing Saber, Jetfire, and Jetstorm--performed at the peak of expectations and were granted status of a sub-group called "Aerialbots". Shortly after this, Repliforce researchers had the idea to have them be a combination group of Reploids that could merge to form a larger robot. The test was a success, with the galliant warrior Superion emerging from the combination. Air Raid still continues to act as a useful yet headstrong soldier for his cause.


Air Raid is a more headstrong soldier, who prefers to rush in and attack the enemies rather than do it from a distance. This way he finds more fun, but it can also get him and his teammates into trouble. Despite all of this, he is still somehow able to pull his friends out of messes. Air Raid also has a tendency to argue with his leader, Silverbolt, whether it's their clashing personalities or his unhealthy obsession with enemy Maverick Blackarachnia.




  • Air Raid is based off the Transformers character of the same name, particuarly his War For Cybertron incarnation.

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