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You are reading Adam the Wolf (2.0), an article which regards Chillverse 2.0 and Chillverse 2.0 ONLY. The article is by Apallo the Hedgehog and will be used in the rebooted timeline.

Adam the Wolf
Adam Normal
Vital statistics
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Age tba
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Fur/Feathers/scales White
Attire tba
Romantic Interests
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First Appearance
American/English VA Voice Actor: tba

For Gender Bent Adam (Eve): Tara Strong (2011-present)

Seiyū (Japanese VA) {{{seiyū}}}
 Adam is a super genius who specalizes in  mecha mechanics, cyber weaponry, and space-time development.


Adam was born in a disfunctional family. At times he would hate them but would show some compasion for his family members once in a while exepct for one person. his step-father who looked down apon him for doing nothing but work on his computer, and for quitting a job that Adam didnt enjoy doing. Sickened by this treatment, Adam attempted to invent a device that could earn the family some money. His step father didnt like this and still looked down on him and started to become interolerable. After a few months, his invention was completed, Adam's first invention the  Energy Fountian provided free energy that powered at least a half of a continent by using Air as a resource. After this device was manufactured into larger and smaller models Adam  helped his family members pay off every bill and debt they had owed and as a result of this , his step father got divoriced, due to the fact that he attacked Adam during an interview. To this day Adam's genius excells that of Diana Solaris, and was offered a position in the N.M.A. years later but refused.


Adam is a hard worker and loves to tinker with anything mechanic. When he is busy with a project, he'll just be lost in his world. Altough because of being alone for most his life, he is often seen with a lonely look on his face.


Love Intrest

Athena the _________ (Wife)





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