Why this was made

I wanted to make a solo story featuring Dr. Eggman and Dr. Kintobot. Mainly because Dr. K copied most of Eggman's  evil schemes from Sonic 1 -3&K. This was a Idea I had while going on a walk and Finally im doing it. So Enjoy.



Apallo the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog


Orbot and Cubot

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Kintobot

How This Story Works.

This is not only a Conversation, but a Prolouge to the Apallo OVA Bluray and I are TPing. So Yes, this does contain spoilers. How this story works. Because Eggman and Kintobot had the same plans, they both had a different way of doing them. As for everything else.....just read on. Also, this does not take place in the Canon timeline, Meaning that this is just is something that is currently happening that involves the canon characters but will not effect the current canon timeline.

Chapter 1: Defeated Again.

Sonic and Apallo have gathered all 7 Pieces of the Quantam Emerald and the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Now the two heroes are battling thier respective arch-rivals: Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and Dr. Steven Arbunkle Kintobot. The hereos defeated thier ultimate Mechs sepretly but barely survived, in the end the Heroic Hedgehogs went Super and worked together as a team while even as a team, Eggman and Kintobot argued during the battle, causing them to lose.

Now we go to the wreckage of the EggKinto Orion mech.

Eggman: -coughing as he digs himself out of the wreckage- Well Kintobot, this was a GREAT  plan that you had!

Kintobot: -is also digging himself out of the wreckage- It would have gone smoother, if it haden't been for imcomitent robots hiding the Emeralds and Pieces in the most Obvious of places!

Eggman: Well it was because of MY dumb robots, we managed to get the Orion up and running so STUFF IT!

Kintobot: Tsk, to think I once looked up to you. You bloated Idot. 

Eggman: Your one to talk, you never looked up to me, you just copied my ideas!

Kintobot: But your forgetting. I killed all 7 Mobi-Gods and once harnessed thier powers. The others were just modifications to your orignal clownish ideas.

Orbot: Well he does seem to be more surpiror to you Boss.

Cubot: Ya, I'd rather be working for that crazy loonie than you, Heh Heh Heh..... No offence.

Kintobot: I'd rather be fully restored human than try to lead the both of you! 

Eggman: That makes 2 of us.....

Kintobot:  -starts to create a Rocket for Two- You know Eggman, I used to look up to you....that's why I changed my name to Kintobot, because It remembed me of the Great Scientist Dr.Kintobor.....

Eggman: How long as it been...I used to be a great scientist until I finally decided to force the world to worship me.

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