Talkplay Tales 6: 12/12/12: EXE Returns

James: :l

It's Wednesday (yes I checked) afternoon. School was out for the three weeks (checked AGAIN) and our "heroes" were happy as ever, (except James :|)

Jowan: *rolls out into the snow* FRREEEEDOM!

James?2:41BlurayOriginals...-_-2:42Fawful117Evan: It's a good thing the world isnt ending today. 2:42BlurayOriginalsBluray: That's <supposedly> in a week stupid. *sighs*2:43Fawful117Evan: is?2:43RayxCreamMakerAudrey:.......2:43Sonicstar3000James: Yes... it is.2:43Fawful117Evan: I thought it was said to end on 12/12/12, not 12/21/122:43BlurayOriginalsBluray: Yes it is.2:44Fawful117Evan: ...ok...2:44BlurayOriginalsBluray: I remember cause it's a few days before christmas.2:44Sonicstar3000James: Even though that was predicted BEFORE the advent of science, which has successfully outed all logic in the Mayan theory2:44BlurayOriginalsMaxwell: Hey Audrey!Dokuro: *sighs at Jowan*2:44Boombomb 2:44BlurayOriginalsBluray: Thank you James.Jowan: I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *voice crack* EEEEEE, D'OH!2:45Fawful117Evan: XD2:45RayxCreamMakerAudrey: Max....I feel that....something's gonna happen....something awful....2:45BlurayOriginalsJowan: Hey, zip it! It just means I'm becoming a man!♪ Nothing suits Gavers101 like a suit! ♪2:46MaverickHunterSigma(Hello.)2:46Gavers101Hi2:46BlurayOriginalsMaxwell: ...Not surprised. We got bombarded these past two months.2:46Fawful117Evan: Don't worry about it, guys!2:46BlurayOriginals((INSTANT FORESHADOW OF THE...PAST....))2:46Fawful117Evan: We'll be fine!2:46Gavers101Gavers: So... What did I miss?2:47BlurayOriginalsMaxwell: School's out.Matt: *looking around*2:48Gavers101(YOU STARTED THE BLOODY TP WITHOUT ME!!! h*)2:48RioFan01Lyra: ... (Silent for once)2:48Gavers101Gavers: I take it something bad happened?2:49RayxCreamMakerAudrey: (nervous as hell)2:49BlurayOriginalsJowan: What's wrong with you? @LyraMax: Audrey....calm down, it'll be OK....2:49RioFan01Lyra: (Still silent, mutters something unidentifiable)2:49Sonicstar3000James: Guys, it's not the end of the world!James: It's almost Christmas in fact!2:50BlurayOriginalsBluray: THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG?Bluray: *sighs* The world isn't gonna end.Bluray: They pull this shit out of their ass every year.2:50Sonicstar3000James: *mutters* I wish the snow wasn't washing up 24/7...2:50Boombomb(Ayane seems like a bitch.)2:50RioFan01Lyra: (Still muttering) Uh-huh @Blu2:51BlurayOriginalsBluray: <She's quiet for once?! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!>jk2:51Sonicstar3000dןǝʍ2:51BlurayOriginalsBluray: So what're we gonna do today guys?2:51Sonicstar3000Bass: *facepalms* I think I'm just about too old for this class.2:52RayxCreamMakerAudrey: (sighs)2:52Sonicstar3000Jeff: What's up, Audrey?2:52BlurayOriginalsMax: She's worried.Max: She feels a bad omen.Dokuro: I'll say...look who's back.Bitchao: *flying to the group*2:53RioFan01Lyra: ...2:53Fawful117Evan: Yeah, nothing bad could happen before Christmas!♪ Nothing suits TDIfan83 like a suit! ♪2:54Sonicstar3000Jack: I swear all of their "woman's intuition"s are acting up.Cya Gavers101. ): 2:54TDIfan83Hey2:54BlurayOriginalsDokuro: *about to summon excalibolg*((Hey, TP, Donuts derail.))2:54Boombomb((Hey))((12/12/12 TP__*))2:54Sonicstar3000((Special TP, I will NOT take kindly to derail))2:55Fawful117(?)(I'm not derailing the TP...)2:55BoombombBoom: *investigating*2:55BlurayOriginalsBluray: He must be looking for him...Bitchao: Who?Cya TDIfan83. ): ♪ Nothing suits TDIfan83 like a suit! ♪2:57TDIfan83((Faw, he was talking to me. I just joined...)2:57Fawful117(ok...)Evan: (bored)2:57Sonicstar3000Jack: *opens a can of cola*2:57BlurayOriginalsBluray: Two.Bitchao: Oh him.2:58RioFan01Lyra: (Steals it from Jack) Jk((Sorry if that was derail))2:58TDIfan83K, well imma go. Because I see no way to dig into this, and I don't want to be a bother.Bbl2:58Sonicstar3000(BRB)Cya TDIfan83. ): ♪ Nothing suits Tynic The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪Cya Tynic The Hedgehog. ): ♪ Nothing suits Tynic The Hedgehog like a suit! ♪3:01BlurayOriginalsTP PAUSE_________

  • Sonicstar3000James: Aaanyway.
  • James: Where's Ms. Stacy?
  • 3:06BlurayOriginalsJowan: Not sure
  • James: Oh, there she is.
  • 3:06BlurayOriginals>.<
  • bad ^^;
  • 3:07BlurayOriginalsIt's OK.
  • 3:09Sonicstar3000Jack: :3
  • Flint: -__-

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