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Chillverse 2.0 Topics 69: Episode and Event Entry

Welcome to CV2.0 standard set up 101 (get it, it's the 101st topic). Keeping track of CV1.0's plots and continuity was a mess and with such I'd like to introduce the new system: EPISODES AND EVENTS.
All important stories and plotlines will be turned into episodes which will be edited by me. There will be four types of episodes: TPs, Planned TPs, RPs and Planned RPs. TPs, of course take place in chat and can go anywhere. Planned TPs have the creator guiding the plot so that it doesn't get derailed. RPs are the same as TPs but a bit more thought out rather than the on the fly action of TPs that some people would less prefer. Planned RPs are specifically planned dialogue written by one or a few individuals. Events on the other hand are things that happen that, while not important enough to sustain a whole episode are relatively important to the overall narrative or are just plain fun. Here are some basic points:

For an episode/event to be canon it MUST be recorded unless it's a special case.
An episode will be pitched to the people of CV2.0 in which they vote on it. If the episode has enough votes it'll come to pass and people can do it in any of the four ways. If an episode isn't greenlit it must wait 3 months to be repitched.
Got any questions? Just submit them below. Don't forget to submit episodes too!
Also note that episodes don't have to be made in chronological order. For example you could skip work on episode 5 before 2 if you so please.
Voting doesn't happen here btw.

Episode Suggestions

Advent: (Blu; RP) Serving as the four part pilot of CV2.0 it's an open RP in which James, Janine and Shadi arrive in CV2.0, an alternate universe that while alike to there's holds many differents. In part 1 it chronicles there introduction to the universe and it's characters.
Genesis: (Blu; RP) This episode serves for our triad of universe crossovers to tell the new characters of the world of CV1.0 and how they got here.
Exodus: (Blu; RP) In this episode, I have no idea wtf Shadi's about so his part of the plot is TBA. James and Janine on the other hand try to return to CV1.0 and go on a journey to help the heroes escape.
Severed: (Blu; RP) The episode explaining why Shadi, James and Janine can't return to CV1.0 and where they plan on going from there.
The Divine Children: (3K; RP) The revelation of the legacy and legends of the Celestial Plane and Spirits as well as their journey to defeat the Demented Spirits with today's mobians to help them.*

Dimension Dilemma: (Blu; TBA) Our heroes explore the elemental dimensions are uncover a new
Mobian Heroes In Space: (Apallo; TBA)The discovery of the Wisp Planets and many other smaller planets have peaked intrest in many many investors and scientists alike, Selected mobians and some guests are in to help settle and create civilizations on them. This story is the adventure of these brave Mobians who wanted to see the vast new worlds out there.
Chill Heroes: (Apallo; TBA)After many months of being in space, collecting debris and creating 2 Robot Generals. Metal Apallo sends them out to Mobius as he is unable to advance any farther due to using his energy to build his generals. When they arrive they are given the task of to hunt down the Chaos Emeralds as well as any data they can obtain on powerful beings. (the plot is mostly based on Sonic Heroes) meanwhile the heroes have been hearing about attacks occurring across the globe, while some people are detecting something approaching the planet. The clock is ticking to stop the generals before Metal Apallo arrives on the planet and save the planet.
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Chillverse 2.0 Topics 68: Reviving, Extra Lives and Death Vote

Happy 100th topic! Get the most important business out of the way! Vote how death and revivng works in CV2.0! Don't vote for yourself, you can only vote for one slag

Maybe manipulating the Chaos Emeralds could be a thing? That's vague. But I do also suggest the obvious idea of a villain [or a hero] reanimating certain deceased characters? I figure that would be a nice touch

Revival of characters should only be done if the character wants or needs to come back, and I'd like to propose that it can be done in a few ways.
Firstly, the Chaos Emeralds. As demonstrated in Sonic canon (but only once), the Chaos Emeralds can be used to revive the dead. I'd like to say doing this only works once per character however so it isn't asspulled to revive multiple times.
Secondly, the character escapes, or is rescued from Avalon/Limbo/Hades. How this would work is up for debate but it would be incredibly difficult to pull off, the upside being it could be done multiple times.
Thirdly, a healer could give some of their life force to bring the character back, but this would put tremendous strain on the healer, being dangerous to use, so it would not always work.
I also agree with James on characters reanimating others but there would have to be downsides to it as well.

I'm with 3K on this. But i'd like to add something. In a major episode or a major event that is where some characters (users) have the optional of reviving his/her characters or not. And to keep it fair, it can only be one per event and for the event, it can be a once in a while thing.
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